9 April 18:00 - 21:00The Lounge at MESH

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Join us at MESH for an evening of inspiration and debate.

Take a peek into FINN and Vipps, two of Norway’s strongest digital brands.

We have two fantastic talks lined up, where our speakers share case studies while delving into their approach, perspective and their take on mobile design.

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Opening remarks

FINN.no: A closer look at our brand new filtering experience 

FINN.no is one of those digital services that has always been there in modern Norwegian culture. It is the leading digital marketplace where you can find everything from second-hand iPhones to your dream apartment. Through the iOS and Android app alone, we get about half a million unique visitors every day looking for new opportunities.

Functionally and visually, the app has been heavily inspired by the desktop experience, but as we've seen traffic moving more and more over to apps and mobile devices, an opportunity to refresh and rethink the overall app experience has presented itself. Our first step towards the future has been to iterate on the filtering experience.

Thuy gives you an in-depth design geek-out on the work behind the brand new filtering experience for the app, principles that guided the way, surprising discoveries, their designer-developer relationship and how he believes that they've created the most complex, but still user-friendly, modal bottom sheet in the world. 



Ninni, Product Manager, and Max, Head of Design, will share their story of how a multidisciplinary team went through highs and lows to create Vipps for kids after failing multiple times before. 

They will start from the very beginning and take you through the story of how they tackled organisational, legal, design and technical hurdles, ultimately creating a great onboarding experience for kids and parents.

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Location: The Lounge at MESH

IxDA Oslo is pleased to present our March meetup at The Lounge at MESH. We're grateful to have MESH as an event sponsor. The Lounge is on the second floor. Please note that there is no elevator, so please take the stairs.

Thuy Gia Nguyen
Senior UX/UI Designer at FINN.no

Thuy Gia Nguyen has been in the app design game since 2009. He released his first app in 2010 and has since devoted his professional life to creating great experiences for mobile devices. Whether it be on tiny screens, games or apps made for cheap ass devices used in horrible lighting conditions.

He is currently the lead app designer at FINN.no where he’s joined by a great team of engaged and talented designers and developers responsible for the user experience of the FINN.no app.

Throughout the last years, he has also mentored designers and developers from different companies about the ins and outs of app design.

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Max Schrøder
Head of Design at Vipps

Max Schrøder has been designing digital experiences since 2008 at agencies such as Sennep (London), Uniform and Designit. He strives to create holistic experiences throughout the entire user journey — across digital and analogue touch points. 

Max has experience working on big and complex projects, for both private and public organisations in finance, entertainment, sales and public transport. He is currently Head of Design and acting Product Designer at Vipps. 

In addition to working on the Vipps App he is building the new design department and integrating design into the whole organisation.

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Ninni Høver
Product manager at Vipps

Before joining Vipps in 2018, Ninni Høver spent five years in Schibsted working with digital product development for several Schibsted brands such as FINN.no and Aftenposten.

As a product manager in Vipps, she's held several roles. First, she ledd the team that realized Vipps for kids. Now she's the product manager responsible for the iOS and Android apps, focusing on one goal: delivering a world-class user experience and creating magical moments in people's everyday life.

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